Why is “alt text” and correct image name so important for hotels

Today, let me explain how to optimize your image SEO. First, you need to consider your alt text. An alt text it is the bit of information that allows the search engine to identify what is on your images, otherwise the search engine wouldn’t have a clue what you want to show and it wouldn’t be able to process the information. The second consideration is the image name, as in most cases the name that is left by your camera doesn’t say anything about the content of the picture.

For instance, the image name “nk0012.jpg” is definitely not going to help the search engine to find your hotel. You should rather use something like “hotel-mirador-lobby.jpg”. Just by updating this data you can improve your position in Google, which will bring you more customers and at the end of the day more revenues.

Here is a video of Matt Cutts that will help you understand.

And if you thought that this was not important, see what Google has just released: latest search tool Google Image that searches by images.