Welcome to marcos cadena blog

This page contains all my professional and personal relationship with the many facets of technology, digital marketing  and its effects on the luxury hospitality and society as a whole. It is a purely personal page, I write only me, and I use primarily for two things: to maintain an orderly repository of all my activity, and for me to receive valuable ongoing feedback on issues. Therefore, as a story of my life as a personal diary, and as constituting the core of my information ecosystem: the right has such things as sources of information that I read regularly (coming directly from my reader feeds, please do not ask me for inclusion, this page does not participate in link exchanges).

Furthermore in my blog I will try to bring some light to the digital world with in the hospitality industry wille touching the latest trends and technologies and giving my opinion on how to approach them. I will also post a list of my favorite tools and best practises  and I hope that this will help hotels to better understand what is happening and how to react to the changes.